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The Search for the Lost Treasure of Afghanistan – A Documentary Review

The Search for the Lost Treasure of Afghanistan - Documentary Review

Tahir Shah is a travel writer and documentary maker; whose family has a deep history in Afghanistan. This is a documentary review of his 2007 documentary “The search for the Lost Treasure of Afghanistan”.

His Grandfather and father left him lots of documentation and clues with regards to the treasure which Ahamed Shah Durrani, the first King of Afghanistan has hidden.

When Nadir Shah looted Delhi, he took an unimaginable amount of wealth including the famous Kohinoor diamond. Nadir Shah was murdered and Ahamed Shah Durrani, took the opportunity to take the entire treasure caravan to Afghanistan.

Tahir Shah’s family line has this obsession to find this treasure. Lot’s of clues, maps, and puzzles but none could find out.

It’s time Tahir Shah try his hand in finding this treasure.

The documentary starts at Tahir Shah’s house where he speaks about his forefather’s efforts to find the treasure and how it is his responsibility to try.

He travels to Afghanistan and goes in search for that lost treasure.

His experience at Afghanistan, help he got and how far he went in search of that treasure, along with this, taking us with him to uncover Afghanistan’s cultural history, this documentary shows us Afghanistan we have not seen.

Forget about the treasure, even Tahir Shah could not find it and hopes his son will continue this search one day, but the places, cultural history behind those places, itself makes worth watching this documentary.

For people like me, this documentary pushes us hard to understand Afghanistan’s history and its cultural relationship with India.

I recommend to readers of this review, this documentary, is a must watch, if you love history, treasures and what comes along with that.

“Search for the Lost Treasure of Afghanistan” a short documentary available at Amazon Prime Video.

Watch it today.

Sriram’s Score 4/5